This special programme was designed to promote and inculcate the value of self-reliance. We provide platforms for practical skill acquisitions and entrepreneurship training for youths and women in the society to help them create wealth and to effectively contributes to nation building. We offer free training to people on different skills of their choices, such as:

* Graphic Design
* Website design.
* Bead making
* Souvenir, Art and Print,
* Liquid Soap Making
* Electrical Installation and Maintenance
* Computer appreciation
* Make up Artistry
* Entrepreneurship Training

Compatriots' School of Self-Reliance major on two basic principles: skill acquisitions and character inculcation. We emphasized character because for one to be truly self-dependence, he/she needs more than a skill. We also take our students through the basics of entrepreneurship. Our training mostly run between 1-4 weeks intensively after which students are issued a certificate of participation.